Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

What I don't get about football

So Bayern had a pretty bad game, not a horrible, but a unconcentrated and complacent perfomance against Arsenal. Today reading through a few comments, I see many people claiming that Bayern does not have a shot at the Champions league. This is the same that happened to the other FCB after their loss at Milan.

True Bayern failed to create a lot of chances and both Ribery and Schweinsteiger should - from now on - be on the pitch in every game, still it wasn't as bad as people seem to believe. The defensive work was decent as always. Arsenal had exactly two shots on goal and scored both times. Sh.. It happens. But now everybody sounds like this was the end of the world.

Let's get this straight: after the first leg Bayern was the favorite for the title since Barca had no chance of coming back, they weren't the best club in the world anymore, really should get a different coach, and today, Bayern has shown that they are a mediocre team and just about to be knocked out of the competition?

Of course on this performance Bayern would stand no chance against a better side. Bayern have played really well in most games this season. Is everybody commenting new to football? Some people seem to remember only the last 90 minutes. At best. Some even seem to have watched a totally different game.

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