Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

Holy sh... FC Bayern vs Arsenal (0:2)

Wow what a game. And i don't mean that positively. Absolutely wierd. Bayern was clearly better but Arsenal got really close to the quarter final in the end. In the third minute while Bayern was still asleep Giroud scored the first goal for Arsenal from short distance after an excellent delivery by Walcott from the right side. Alaba lost his footing which gave Walcott the space needed. Nothing much else happened during the first half. Bayern did create a few chances but only Müller's shot from close distance in the 29th minute (which should have resulted in a corner)  was dangerous Other than that Bayern failed to appear dangerously in the box. Arsenal, on the other hand, was unable to make anything happen after the goal. Bayerns gegenpressing was top notch as usual. Making it all but impossible for the opposition to keep the ball among their ranks long enough to create chances.

Robben was in my opinion quite disapointing and I would have rather seen Shaqiri come on the pitch in the second half. But Heynckes decided not to change during halftime. The second half was similar in the respect, that Arsenal did not create many chances due to Bayerns defensive midfield pair Martinez and Gustavo. Still Schweinsteiger, who missed the game after getting his third yellow card in the first leg, is far better at creating chances for Bayern. Gustavo did not show any play maker ability so the Bayern game was quite slow.

The referees did not have the best of games and falsely stopped Walcott in his run at Neuer because of offside in the 56th minute. 11 minutes later it was Robben who should have scored after an excellent ball by Müller. 15 minutes before the end Arsenal started to take over and in the 79th minute Gervinho came really close after a one two with Cazorla he was in the 6 yard box and missed only barely.

And then came the 85th minute. Arsenal has their first corner of the game and just like Chelsea in the final last season they created a goal from it. Koscielny's header form the 6 yard box went in because Bayern decided to not put a man on the short post. Luckily Bayern was able to stop Arsenal from getting close to the goal afterwards. Still for me it was last years Final all over again for the remaining few minutes.The good performance in the first leg allowed Bayern to move to the quarter final on away goals.

 + Bayern better but not very dangerous infront of the goal
+ Arsenal had 5 attempts 2 of those were on and in the goal
+ For Bayern Müller, Martinez and Lahm played well + Disapointing were Alaba and Robben

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