Mittwoch, 13. März 2013

FC Bayern vs Arsenal F.C. preview

FC Bayern will face of Arsenal today in the Allianz Arena. Who will have a mountain to climb after their 3:1 home defeat in which Bayern controlled most of the game. Still last year Arsenal almost came back from a heavy 4:0 defeat against AC Milan and the league game this Saturday aganist Düsseldorf didn't go as planned since Düsseldorf needed only two shots on goal to score twice, while Bayern who should have scored more than three goals in the end had to fight until the 86 th minute to finally score the winning goal. Most likely Bayern will only make two changes on their side: Schweinsteiger got his third yellow in the first leg and Ribery has recieved a minor injury (stretched ligament) in the game against Düsseldorf. So Robben has another chance to show his class on the pitch and Gustavo will play defensive midfielder next to Martinez. Hopefully Bayern will show the concentration of the last weeks or even months. The wierd thing about this game is, that one goal for Bayern will basically n´make no difference so I expect Arsenal to start quite agressively.

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