Donnerstag, 14. März 2013

Name dropping - Lewandowski

Lewandowski; (C) Christopher Neundorf
Robert Lewandowski is the most likely transfer target for Bayern in 2013. The Dortmund stiker scored 17 league goals and assisted 6 times in 22 league appearances. Lewandowski's playing style is similar to Mandzukic's. I think he is better in many respects. Most importantly he is faster and his technique is somewhat better. Judge for yourself.

Lewandowski's contract ends in 2014 and he has already made it clear that he is not seeking an extension. Dortmund will therefore most likely sell him this summer. The question is: will they sell him to the fiercest opposition? He has been linked with several Premier League teams in the past. Manchester Utd. tried to get him last summer together with Kagawa and should Rooney leave  they would have both the money and the need for another striker. Lewandowski is probably the best value for money available currently.

For Bayern he would be the natural choice. He is fast, can hold the ball, and is lethal infront of the goal. Also Bayern and Dortmund play a similar "gegenpressing" style. Some say we "stole" that way of playing. It is the most important change in the Bayern game this season. Once the opposition gets the ball, all Bayern players position themselves in a way that cuts of all possible passes and one player - often the stirker - attacks the opponent who has the ball. The other team then often directly lose the ball, play back to the keeper or just shoot forward with no particular target in mind. Lewandowki like all Dortmund players excells at this.

  • Lewandowski is a lethal striker
  • His playing style is similar to Mandzukic's 
  • Excellent technique
  • Very good target man who can often keep the ball even against two defenders
  • Good heading (probably worse than Mandzukic though)
  • Intelligent on the pitch
  • He seems to want to play at Munich

  • Dortmund probably don't want to sell to their fiercest opposition
  • His playing style is similar to Mandzukic's (yeah, sometimes you just want someone who "tanks" his way through like Gomez)


Excellent striker who would IMO improve the Bayern game. Dortmund will be reluctant to sell to Bayern though. So I think the chance of this transfer materialising is about 50 %. The pricetag is said to be 28 million Euros. Since several English teams might be interested. Bayern won't get him much cheaper eventhough he will only have one year remaining on his contract in the summer. They will have to pay a premium over foreign teams.

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